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    Privacy Policy


    For ensuring the safe exchange of data between the server which hosts the website and the visitor, we use SSL. This creates an encrypted connection between those two, which prevent them from being intercepting by malicious users.

    Personal Data Collection Policy

    When sending a message using the contact form, none of the information given by the user is saved in the database.

    Personal information given during registration and orders, will be stored in the database, unless the user asks to delete them, by sending us a direct e-mail or by filling up the contact form.

    From here, user can export his profile information or delete it.

    In case user’s profile will be breached, he will be informed within 72 hours.

    IP Addresses

    The IP address is provided by the internet provider and used by the user’s PC to access the internet therefore the website.

    In some cases the IP address is stored for technical and security reasons and it may be also used for collecting data for statistical analysis.

    In case that the IP address is available, it may be shared, upon request in accordance with the Law provided for, by the competent police of judicial authorities or state authorities.

    The IP addresses which are saved in the server’s log files, are deleted automatically after 30 days.

    Google Analytics that run in the website are using IP Anonymization so the user cannot be identified through them. They are set to delete the collected data after 26 months.


    By subscribing to the Newsletter, the user is accepting that the website may send him informative e-mails as long as his subscription remains active.

    The deletion of information provided by the user during e-mail registration can be requested at any time using the corresponding button provided or by sending an e-mail or filling up a contact form.

    Additionally, every user can unsubscribe from a specific mailing list, using the corresponding option that is provided at the bottom of each newsletter received via e-mail.

    Additional Information

    In case you have more questions about the privacy policy of the website, you can send us an e-mail or fill up the contact form.