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[ Ceramics ]
Art Ceramic
Mrs. Venianaki was born in Heraklion, Crete. She has studied the art of ceramics at the School of Ceramics X.E.N of Athens and the "Institute of Ceramic Arts of Nikea". She works, since 1995, at her own studio in Heraklion, Crete. She always you to say..."playing made me learn...Thus I grew up and through growing up I created. Now I make my own world and some times in it, I feel like a child..."
Mrs. Kizou All forms are designed by the ceramist herself. The materials used are: stone way clay, non-toxic and in particular unleaded colors and glazes (varnishes). Tinted glass is used in the centre of each design. Pinchbeck leaf is used in some articles. All articles are fired at 1260C.
Mrs. Kolaitou has created this line. It is handmade, fired at 1190C and decorated by hand.
Mr. Rallis was born in Peristeri-Athens in 1958. 1983-1985 attended course of painting and sculpture. 1985-1986 Studied ceramic art at OAED. His compositions and forms are structured in a way that the material traces its own course. The personality and shape define each piece a unique creation.

Mrs. Alexiou.

 Technique Raku
Raku the old Japanese technique.
The name of the technique comes of the ideogram RAKU, which means "pleasure" or "hap-piness". The main feature of this technique is a series of succesive thermic shocks to wich clay is subjected.The incadecent object, after been taken out of the kiln, is placed on organic matter and then it is immersed in water so as to be quenched. The carbon that is contained in smoke detracts the oxygen from the oxides of metal, wich in the process, are themselves transformed into metals, resulting in the creation of metal surfaces. The three elements of nature - Earth, Fire,Water- are all of vital importance to the outcome, which is always original. In particular, fire is incorporated into the process from the early stages.
Mrs. Maria Marinoglou has been working in her own ceramics studio, making unique works of art since 1989.Her work is exhibiteded in galeries ANEMOS, ASTROLAVOS, ATRION and in selected shops. She has participated in many art ex-hibitons in Greece and abroad (France, New Zeland,Switzerland and Brussels).
"My work is a constant endeavor to express myself through clay, which is the most malleable and primitive material, by creating plastic forms, so that, after metal, fire, air and smoke have mixed, the result will always be original".
"I am not concerned with the details of the perfection of the design. Flowers, leaves, bees,sea shells, fruit, as well as archaic masks, urns and fairy tales all float in space and time".
"I think colour is very important.However, i dont use it in the conventional way, but more in the form of sports, lines and finger prints, tinged with the black and silver colour of smoke".
"I believe that knowledge is acquired through constant experimentation with materials,form and technique".
Group Exhibitions
1992 Grand Prix International d'Artes Plastiques, Nice, France
1992 Cultural Centre of the Municipalty of Athens
1993 Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition,Marousi
1993 Cultural Centre of Nea Erythraia.
1994 Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition, Marousi
1995 Duchess of Placentia Castle, Athens
1995 German Embassy in Athens.
1995 Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition,Marousi
1996 Flecher Challenge Ceramics Award - Competition, New Zeland.
1997 Triennial of Small Ceramics, Zagreb, Croatia
1997 Panhellenic Ceramics Exhibition, Marousi
1998 "Cotta Terra: Cotemporary Ceramics Exhibition Greece - Italy", Perugia Deruta, Italy
Mr. Sp. Arvanitis
Born and brought up in Messinia in the Peloponese, he first cam into contact with clay close to his father, as he made pottery.
He studied at Doxiadis and Applied Arts School, in Athens.Later he taught ceramics for the Municipal Government of Athens.
Defying the limitations of traditional ceramics he expresses himself artistically with increased frequency.
He is constantly experimenting with techniques and applications of the materials he uses in his quest for expression and equilibrium as far as use, function and structure are concerned.
In recent years he has undertaken working with Raku, where his personal satisfaction is imprinted on his work with stories and scenes that slowly fade into time as if they are communicating his case in his world, like a continuum that reflects the world and the space that surrounds us.
He has exhibited in Greece and Abroad
1983 Athens (Own Sawroom)
1984 Athens - Marousi
1986 Athens - Sallery "Dada"
1986 Munich - "Oht"
1987 Munich - "Oht"
1988 Lussant - Switcherland
1988 Ubernton - Switcherland
1988 Nyon - Gallery "Ritz"
1996 Thessaloniki - Gallery "Manolakis"
1996 Grete - Hotel "Elounta Mare"
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